Making your home and driving energy efficient will go a long way to creating a healthier, more comfortable and affordable lifestyle for you, and your family. If you have a big home, for instance, you can learn to maximize the sun’s natural energy for providing warmth and lighting. You could even make a few design changes around and even use household appliances wisely.
Finally, you can let go of old habits that make your lifestyle resistant to going green. For instance, if you love driving, you could change your driving habits in order to consume less fuel and make the world greener. There’s also the option of investing in electric cars which tend to be more economical than their gas counterparts.

Why you should reduce your carbon footprints

You should be concerned with reducing your carbon footprints regardless of whether you own a home or a car because these two things play a role in increasing your carbon footprints. Carbon footprint is just a measure of how much carbon dioxide a household can emit to the atmosphere. This also includes those who drive while polluting the environment.

So far, scientists have discovered that the rise of Carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses in the atmosphere contributes to high levels of temperatures on the earth’s surface. This accumulation of gasses traps the sun’s radiation, thus preventing the heat from escaping the planet. Over time, this rise in temperature will lead to all sorts of problems related to global warming.
This is what you can do to reduce your carbon footprints

If people used renewable products instead, it could do a great job in reducing the amount of green house gasses that linger in the atmosphere. Furthermore, you can significantly reduce the cost of your energy bills by more than a half. You could use solar panels or even wind turbines which channel excess energy back to the main grid. This might also give you attractive tax incentives as a homeowner.


Electric cars or hybrid cars
Electric cars are still not that popular. However, car manufacturers have begun producing hybrid cars in numbers, which means that cars that work partly on gasoline and partly on the electric motor are now popular than ever.
If you can get a hybrid car, then you’ll be assured of reducing your carbon footprints and making the world a safer place to live. After all, this type of car is predominantly fueled by electricity – which you can easily obtain from harvesting solar energy as discussed above.
Since the initial cost of investing in an electric car is a little bit out of the norm, you could consider changing your driving habits to save fuel and still achieve some extra miles. Most people who want to save gasoline know these driving habits. But they are certainly contributing to the agenda of going green.

Hang your wet clothes outside

Your laundry should always end up in the clothesline if the weather is favorable. The sun’s UV rays help to eliminate bacteria and dust mites on clothes.
Whereas you could easily use a clothes dryer to get this job done quickly, remember than these appliances use electricity as well. In fact, some reports claim that if you hang your clothes outside, you will be eliminating greenhouse gasses by 3KG per load.
Insulate your home properly.
A well-insulated house can have a direct impact on your wallet and on the energy that goes into waste. A well-insulated home will also keep your house up to 10 degrees warmer during winter and 7 degrees cooler when summer rolls around. And the cost of insulating your floors, walls, and ceilings should pay for itself over time, thanks to the reduced long-term energy bills.
Natural light
Utilize the sun’s natural light especially in Los Angeles for creating warmth to enjoy the benefits of green energy. To achieve this, you need to install large windows on the Northern side of your house. On the other side, you should use blinds or awnings to block any excess or heavy sun rays heating that side of the house during summer time.
Embracing green energy is easier than most people think. In fact, anything that you do to reduce your carbon footprints will go a long way into taking the effects of greenhouse gasses on the planet. This would mean using electric cars, hybrid cars, recyclables, etc. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re not using traditional sources of lighting, heating or cooling.